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Soulful: A Somatic Embodiment & Surf Retreat with Shelby

Sunday May 12 - Saturday May 18, 2024

Join Shelby Leigh and an incredible gathering of worldwide new friends for a much needed mindful and heart-centered nervous system reset at the luxurious Sansara Resort.

Immerse yourself in a connecting and renewing experience with deep feelers, sensitive souls and adventurous spirits.

This retreat is a grounding, spacious, supportive way to return home to your deepest heart and your inner compass. Find your true north through gently settling your nervous system.

Rest into support so you can restore balance and tap into your aliveness, inspiration and ease.

Use this time to reflect, move, laugh, connect with friends new and old, adventure, rest and welcome yourself home in every moment.

Learn through practices, teachings AND on the waves to more playfully and steadily ride the waves moment-to-moment and meet yourself and all that you carry in a fresh and compassionate way so you can deepen even more fully into your fullest self.

This unique trauma-informed retreat is designed to help you regulate your nervous system through gentle somatic meditative and embodied practices and send you home with life-long tools for healing and growth.

What kind of abundance and ease could you have in your life if you were able to slow down.
An invitation to
  • make space,
  • to find freedom.

What’s Included



Shelby Leigh, LPC Retreat Host

Shelby Leigh, LPC, is an educator, trauma specialist, somatic psychotherapist, coach, consultant and meditation teacher whose work celebrates the infinite possibilities of healing and growth.

Shelby is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Mindfulness and Meditation teacher, a Certified Yoga Teacher, a twice-certified coach, has devoured numerous trainings in the somatic treatment of complex and developmental trauma, and has taught, managed, and facilitated multiple dozens of retreats throughout the US and Mexico to both teens and adults. She has sat for months in silence as a practitioner and gone to the far ends of the world learning from a variety of teachers from many traditions (Eastern and Western). Shelby is a proud alumna of California Institute of Integral Studies in Somatic Psychology where her passion was sparked for integrating meditation, spirituality, embodiment and trauma healing.

She has worked extensively as a raft and kayak guide and travel photographer, and loves the role of adventure and outdoors in the practice of waking up. Shelby has also served in various roles to promote safer spaces for individuals from many backgrounds and who hold various intersections of identity, so that they can feel welcome to be their fullest selves.

As the founder of programs such as Creating Safe Space and Body of Work, Shelby teaches therapists, coaches, wellness practitioners and facilitators the importance of the role of non-pathologizing ourselves as well as others in the healing process, and also (slowly) coming home to our bodies in a way that feels gentle and supportive.

With over 20 years of experience facilitating and practicing Buddhist Insight Meditation and embodiment practices, Shelby has become a worldwide advocate for trauma-informed practices so that whoever needs them the most can truly receive and take up the nourishment from them. From nervous system regulation and co-regulation work (Transforming Presence®), to meditation and yoga, to chopping wood and carrying water - when we’re supported through trauma-informed guidance (whether we’ve been impacted and overwhelmed by trauma or we’re simply human), it helps us more easily learn, heal and grow, and ultimately take it with us for a lifetime.

You’ll find Shelby on the trail every day whether rain, ice, snow or shine along with her Border Collie/Lab Luna. She’s also lived in Mexico, Bali, Spain, and London, and has learned immensely while traveling solo throughout many parts of the world since age 15. Now at home in Bend, Oregon, when she’s not seeing clients or teaching, she’s on a snowboard, XC skis, riding horses, laying by a river, canoeing, rafting, camping, off-roading, picking up trash with Public Land Stewards Bend or pretty much anything she can do to be in the presence of nature where she feels most at home and with a sense of belonging.

Teresa Prado Nogueira Somatic Movement Facilitator

Teresa Prado has been a movement instructor for the past seven years after finishing the Rizze Yoga Immersion Training in Vancouver. Since then, they have done extensive training in somatic movement alongside training and volunteering with Yoga Outreach to offer free trauma-informed movement practices to a diverse population, from rehab centres to seniors' homes.

With a slow and steady rhythm in order to be inclusive of all bodies and abilities, Teresa encourages folks to tap into their needs to experience the class however they wish. The main objective is to offer a safer place for people to connect with their bodies and explore what movement, breath and mindfulness means to themselves.

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