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Surf and Yoga in Panama

Sansara Yoga in Panama

Tap into Your Sense of Flow with Yoga in Panama

“Sansara” is the Sanskrit word for moving through old patterns and blockages so that one may enter into a state of “continuous flow.”

We believe that the practice of yoga can help you move beyond the stagnation which interrupts life’s natural flow and transform your body and mind into a blissful space of self-awareness, acceptance, and healing.

Be guided by our in-house yogis or by guest teachers from around the globe as you tap into your sense of flow through movement, meditation, breath-work and a deep sense of awareness of the world around you.

Our beautifully designed Yoga Shala is an open air space with tropical hardwood floors, a traditional thatched roof, and a 10,000 Buddhas mural, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It has even been featured in Architectural Digest as one of the world’s best open-air Yoga Shalas. Usable year-round, our Shala comes fully stocked with mats, bolsters, handcrafted wooden blocks, straps, blankets, and a sound system ready for you to enjoy.

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