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Book Your Ideal Surf Vacation with Sansara Surf

Make Your Next Vacation a Surf Vacation in Panama

Sansara Surf is our in-house, world-class surf school which offers programs for everyone, no matter whether you are able to swim or not. If you are a beginner wanting to stand up on the board for the first time, an intermediate surfer wanting to increase your wave count or an advanced surfer looking to test your skills on our empty point breaks, you will find the guidance and support you need from our awesome and attentive surf coaching team.

Our coaching methods have been mindfully created for optimal growth and progression, so that you leave Panama’s best surf school, with a strong foundation and framework that will give you the confidence to ride anywhere in the world.

The multiple beach and point breaks of Cambutal, and the endless supply of whitewash and rolling waves in our neighboring surf town of Guanico, provide many opportunities to help you transform into a competent, knowledgeable and empowered surfer.

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Surf Program

Set your intention and choose from a variety of surf vacation packages that have been thoughtfully created by our team.
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Included in Your Surf Program:

Video Analysis: A Highlight of Your Surf Vacation

This is an amazing tool to expedite your surf progression. Following your session in the water, our expert surf coaches will meet with you back at Sansara, and together you will watch your personalized surf footage, all the while receiving technical tips, constructive feedback and analytical advice.

Photo Packages

Capture your time in the water and take a piece of your surf vacation home with you.

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Guided Surf Adventures

We have an abundance of waves for all abilities within a short drive from the resort. Whether it is a barreling beach break, a rocky point or a slabby reef, our experienced local guides will get you to the right spot at the right time.

Board Rentals

Skip the hassle of traveling with your board. We have a large and diverse rental quiver, ranging in all shapes and sizes from entry-level soft-tops to custom-shaped high-performance short and long boards.

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