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The Spa at Sansara

Creating a Holistic Wellness Experience

At Sansara, we believe in the importance of taking care of mind and body for a complete wellness experience. Reach the point of ultimate relaxation as our passionate and professionally accredited therapists work with you at our beautiful oceanfront massage shala, which has been intentionally designed to create the perfect, calming ambience. Choose from an array of spa packages, including energy healing and deep tissue work, to complete your wellness getaway.

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Couples and Solo Travellers

Massage Offerings

Sansara Signature Massage
75 min $140 / 120 min $210

In our Signature Session, Sansara’s highly trained massage therapists seamlessly combine knowledgable, Thai massage & deep tissue techniques with long, luxurious strokes designed to bring you into a state of flow. Our therapists create a sacred space for profound peace and connection, allowing clients to flow into a place of deep relaxation and healing. Customized aromatherapy with Sansara’s Refresh, Rest, or Restore essential oil blends, a facial massage with our housemade serum, cool scented towels, and a healthy housemade kombucha juice post-session are just a few of the additional touches that make this the ULTIMATE massage experience.

Relaxation Massage
60 min $89 / 90 min $139 / 120 min $179

Our relaxation massage is for the client who wants to drift off into a state of tranquility with the sound of the waves, the breeze off the ocean, and the mindful, flowing massage technique provided by our therapists. This light to moderate pressure massage is intended to help you activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of the body and mind responsible for rest and relaxation, so that you may reset and rejuvenate. Popular Swedish massage techniques, aromatherapy with Sansara’s Rest or Restore essential oil blends, and elements of other massage styles are incorporated as necessary to ensure a state of deep relaxation.

Integrative/Deep Tissue
60 min $105 / 90 min $149 / 120 min $210

Sansara’s Integrative/Deep Tissue sessions appropriately combine moderate to firm pressure, detailed knowledge of anatomical structure, and long, slow, intentional strokes in order to relieve pain, improve range of motion, increase circulation, and to relax muscles. Our therapists integrate trigger point therapy, connective tissue (fascia) release, Thai massage techniques, and relaxing Swedish massage strokes allowing the client to receive the most possible benefit from this bodywork session. Enhance the depth of work by adding a cooling essential oil lotion, dōTERRA’s Deep Blue Rub. *Add $5 for dōTERRA’s Deep Blue

Pregnancy Massage
60 min $89 / 90 min $135

Our massage therapists are happy to provide knowledgeable, next-level bodywork for mothers, both prenatal and postnatal. With appropriate pressure, positioning, and a soothing setting, we aim to provide a unique massage experience to connect mothers to their bodies, their babies, and to a deep state of relief and relaxation. (Please note: This massage can be performed up to 3 months of pregnancy)

Aromatherapy Massage
60 min $89

Aromatherapy is more than the diffuser in your room. In Sansara’s aromatherapy massage, our therapists incorporate the use of organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils into a gentle and rhythmic full-body massage. Oils are selected especially for you based on your needs and preferences, to soothe the nervous system, while healing your body, mind and soul.

Facial Treatment
30 min $49

As an addition to your body-work session or as its own special treat, Sansara offers customizable facial treatments to leave you feeling serene and radiant. After consulting with you regarding your skin-type and goals, our therapists blend and apply a made-to-use, custom cleanser, followed by a warm scented compress, gentle exfoliation, facial massage with the application of Sansara’s houseblend facial toner and moisturizing serum.

Foot Massage
30 min $59 / 60 min $89

As an addition to your body-work session or as its own special treatment, our therapists offer foot massage treatment applying Thai massage techniques. Foot massage is a special technique to be performed after long hikes, bodywork, Surf or Yoga. Therapists will apply deep massage techniques, relaxation and pressure points on feet and leg muscles.

Traditional Thai Massage
90 min $149 / 120 min $210

A perfect technique to receive after a workout, a Power Yoga class, Hiking or Surf. During this massage therapists will perform special stretchings, pressure points and invigorating movements. Traditional Thai Massage is performed working deep stretching poses to restore and recover your body, improving your posture and body flexibility. Our therapists are Certified in TMC International School of Traditional Thai Massage in Chiang Mai. (Please note: This massage requires comfortable sports clothes)

Express Massage
30 min $60

Take a break and release into a complete state of relaxation. Selecting a body area of tension or pain, our therapist will put the focus working that blocked place. At the end of the massage, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It is ideal to receive after a Yoga class or Surf session.

4-Hands Massage
60 min $140 / 105 min $269

Enjoy this special experience with our therapists Mel & Jamie who will help you to relax and sink into a blissful meditation state, connecting with the beautiful energy of the beach in our oceanfront Spa. All movements performed during this massage will be very slow and intentional, synchronizing techniques of sliding, pressure and stretching, in order to achieve a relaxing effect in body and mind.

Enjoy a Massage Together

Sansara has created an Ocean Spa offering this beautiful possibility of sharing the place at the same time during massage experience. Share in the experience of tranquility and relaxation. Whether with family, friends or romantic partner, it is truly a gift to share in the blissful state of bodywork.

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