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Cambutal - Discover One of the Best Surf Spots in Panama

The peaceful Panamanian village of Cambutal is located in the province of Los Santos in the Azuero Peninsula. It is about a five-hour drive away from the capital Panama City, and is situated in the southernmost point of Panama.

Cambutal’s beautiful beaches and mountains provide the ideal setting for a relaxing vacation experience where you will find inspiration from everything that surrounds you.

Fill your days exploring miles of Pacific coastline, enjoying some of the best surfing in Panama, eating delicious meals prepared with fresh local produce, or practicing yoga with the sound of ocean waves guiding your breath.

Cambutal is a special place that will grab your soul and help you build deep connections as you rely on those around you to uphold, support and encourage you to push your limits and reach your potential.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Why Cambutal?

Where the Mountains Meet the Sea
Year-round destination
Best surf spots
Private beaches
Mountain views


You are bound to experience great weather no matter what time of year you visit Cambutal. The average temperature in the region holds steady between 82°F and 91°F (28°C and 33°C) and rainfall is low even during the rainy season. As chilly nights are rare in Cambutal, we recommend that you pack for the sun.

Experience the best of Panama weather when you visit Cambutal!