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4x4 Tide Pool Panama Jungle Tour Adventure

Join us on a Panama Jungle Tour Adventure - the adventure of a lifetime.

Our 4x4 tide pool panama jungle tour takes you deep in the jungle of the Azuero peninsula where we will drive you through old growth mountains, cross rivers, creeks and steep roads to get to one of our area's most beautiful spots. This pristine coastline is near the Cerro Hoya National Park, where you may see monkeys, exotic birds and many other wildlife species.

Once we arrive at the natural coastal tide pools, you can relax, swim, or jump from the small rock shelves above the pools. We pack snacks and refreshments for a 4-hour round trip excursion. Trip is seasonal from December to May. Not to be missed.

Explore this pristine coastline
Ideal adventure for
families and friends (old & new)

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