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Sustainability at Sansara

Sustainably Built and Operated

Sansara uses conscious judgement when it comes to sustainability practices. Sustainability is not just what we do - it is who we are.

When building the resort, we made a deliberate effort to refrain from cutting down large trees on the property, instead incorporating them into the resort design. The supplies used to build the resort were purchased locally, from sustainable sources. We utilized certified wood, recycled and rapidly renewable materials, as well as natural fabrics in the rooms, and for the flooring of the yoga shala and pool area. Furthermore, we utilized architectural and design strategies that incorporated elements of local culture.

Our pool runs on a chemical free saltwater system, and the entire property is fitted with water efficient equipment and fixtures. We have two onsite wells which provide water for our guests, and also nourish our plants and the wildlife in the surrounding area.

Sustainability is

We are greatly focused on using energy-efficient equipment and building systems that do not harm the ozone layer. When possible, we use non-toxic essential oils for cleaning supplies, and lighting on the property is LED and energy efficient. Our staff makes an extra effort to turn down the lights and power supplies when they are not in use.

Engaging guests in location-specific experiences that celebrate local culture is something we truly value. Whether it be facilitating guests to learn about turtle nesting or to participate in a Panamanian cooking class, we recognize the importance of working alongside the local community and creating opportunities to support and empower them.

One of the key areas of our sustainability plan is creating mindful employment. We are committed to employing locally, and a large percentage of our staff is from the local town of Cambutal. We also make an effort to purchase items locally, so that we inject money into the local economy.

We are featured as a GOLD Green Leader by TripAdvisor.