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Find Your Space of Wellness

Sansara is a special and sacred place created for the wellness-inspired traveler. A retreat stay with us will give you a unique opportunity to discover your passion and transform into the best version of yourself, while you build deep and meaningful connections with fellow travelers and engage with our wonderful community.

Our group retreats are hosted by the most knowledgeable and inspiring people from all around the world. From yoga teachers and wellness advocates, to women empowerment leaders and meditation masters, Sansara attracts the best people to deliver unforgettable retreats for you and your tribe. Each retreat is unique and is guided by the style and teaching of the host, yet you can be certain that every single retreat experience will be filled with love, connection and growth.

Practice yoga every day, learn to surf, enjoy fresh, delicious cuisine and build rewarding connections with other like-minded people as you immerse yourself in the Sansara Experience.

Check out our yoga retreat calendar or get in touch with us for more information.

Restore Balance and
November 2020
Confirmed retreats

Nov 22 - Nov 28 2020

Gratitude Getaway

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