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Clarity & Connection, week-long meditation & yoga retreat

Sunday March 16 - Saturday March 22, 2025

Join Katy, in the beautiful country of Panama, for a transformative week of yoga, meditation, and reflection. We'll spend 6 nights and 7 days together, in Clarity & Connection, at the beautiful Sansara Resort located on the Pacific Ocean in breathtaking Cambutal, Panama.

Your days will be filled with sunrise meditations, yoga listening to the sounds of the Pacific, walks along the ocean in laughter with friends, and moments for reflection and relaxation. Returning home with a newfound clarity in the woman you are called to be, and a deeper connection to your body, your mind and your soul.

Join us, for this transformative, healing, and grounding week together in Clarity & Connection.
An invitation
  • to nourish the
  • mind, body, and soul.

Retreat Offerings




Per Person USD Price
Shared Quad Occupancy Cabaña $2,500 RanchitoHanuman
Shared Triple Occupancy Cabaña $2,600 Anahata
Double Occupancy Cabaña $2,900 Cedro EspinoRio ChicoRio Grande
Oceanfront Double Occupancy Cabaña $3,100 Ganesha
Luxury Double Oceanfront Suite $3,400 PranaApana
Infinity Pool Oceanfront Suite $3,600 Casa Om
Luxury Private Pool Villa $4,100 Casa Zen
Private Occupancy Cabaña $4,300 La MareaCasa Antigua
$1,000 non-refundable deposit required to book. Reserve Your Space


Katy Rexing Retreat Host

I'm Katy, a yoga & meditation teacher, chef, writer and mother of four, committed to living mindfully and intentionally.

I began practicing yoga and meditation over 15 years ago when I become pregnant with my first child. It was then that I feel in love with the idea of moving mindfully, both on and off the mat. Since then, meditation, yoga and living mindfully have become the foundation of my life. One in which I wake up with energy, where I feel alive, healthy, and most importantly, at ease.

I believe wholeheartedly that we all want and deserve to live a life with ease and joy. To feel well and good, physically and mentally. And yet, most of us aren't.

Instead, we're moving through our days exhausted, on autopilot, and disconnected from our bodies, our minds, and our true souls.

My hope is to empower women to see that there is another way to live.

That they can live with more ease and more joy. That there is nothing "wrong" with them. That they are not broken, and that everything they need to learn how to love and nourish themselves is already within them. All it requires is simply learning to become more aware. Yoga and meditation are our tools to get us there, but the rest is already within each of us. Just waiting to be awoken.

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