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Rise and Thrive in Panama
Renew, Relax and Adventure Retreat

Sunday March 30 - Saturday April 5, 2025

Join us for the ultimate rejuvenating experience at our retreat in Cambutal, Panama. Start your mornings with invigorating active yoga sessions, designed to move your body and energize your spirit. Led by Suzette Hanson, these sessions will set the tone for an empowering day ahead.

As the sun sets, transition into a state of deep relaxation with our restorative yoga classes. These gentle practices are tailored to soothe your mind, release tension, and restore balance. And, to enhance your relaxation experience, Dr. Sara Poldmae will incorporate acupuncture during Savasana. Drift into a state of bliss as you receive the healing benefits of acupuncture, amplifying the rejuvenating effects of your yoga practice.

In between yoga sessions, indulge in plenty of leisure time to bask in the warmth of the sun or explore the myriad adventures that Sansara has to offer. Whether you're hopping on a bike, paddle boarding, surfing or sunbathing by the pool, our retreat provides the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Discover the true meaning of rejuvenation and leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to thrive.
Allow yourself to be open
  • to new outward experiences,
  • opening up space for inward growth.

What’s Included



Per Person USD Price
Shared Quad Occupancy Cabaña $2,429 RanchitoHanuman
Shared Triple Occupancy Cabaña $2,639 Anahata
Oceanfront Double Cabaña $3,100 Ganesha
Oceanfront Double Suite $3,400 PranaApana
Infinity Pool Oceanfront Suite $3,629 Casa Om
Luxury Private Pool Villa $4,099 Casa Zen
Deposit $997 to hold your spot. Full details at the reserve link. Reserve Your Space


Sara Poldmae

Sara Poldmae is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Registered Yoga Teacher. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Sara has dedicated her career to a holistic approach to wellness, seamlessly integrating the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with modern medical practices and mind-body techniques. Her passion for mind-body medicine shines through her practice, where she emphasizes the profound connection between mental and physical health.

Dr. Sara has a special focus on women's healthcare, offering tailored treatments that support the unique needs of women at all stages of life. In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Sara is an enthusiastic advocate for wellness retreats, where she combines her expertise in acupuncture, functional medicine, and yoga to create transformative experiences. Her retreats are designed to nurture the mind, body, and spirit, providing participants with tools to achieve lasting health and well-being.

Suzette Hanson

Suzette Hanson began her journey with yoga in 2008 and knew through her own transformations, that yoga was a practice she needed to share. With a degree in anatomy and physiology and a passion for group fitness, she has been inspiring others on their wellness journey for over 20 years. Suzette is a 500 E-RYT yoga instructor with 15 years of yoga teaching experience and 7 years of co-facilitating teacher trainings. She loves to weave modern anatomical knowledge with the ancient wisdoms and philosophies of the yoga traditions so that her classes are transformative on the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels. She has a broad range of styles from restorative to power vinyasa. Her personal conviction is that what we practice on the mat gives us the tools to navigate life, making her classes appealing to beginners and seasoned yogis. Her signature personality brings humor, intuition and is welcoming to all.

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