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Recharge Your Soul with Meg & Amanda of Peace Out Yoga

Sunday March 9 - Saturday March 15, 2025

Escape to the lush tropical paradise of Panama and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery at our immersive retreat. Nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty, our retreat offers more than just a getaway - it's an opportunity to find your tribe and forge deep connections that nourish the soul. Set against the backdrop of Panama's stunning landscapes, our retreat is designed to guide you on a path of exploration and connection. Through a carefully curated program of yoga, meditation, and group activities, you'll embark on a journey of personal growth and communal bonding. Discover the power of finding your people as you engage in heart-opening practices and meaningful conversations. Whether you're seeking like minded souls, supportive friendships, or simply a sense of belonging, our retreat provides a nurturing space where authentic connections flourish. From sunrise yoga sessions overlooking the ocean, to intimate group discussions under the stars, every moment is an opportunity to cultivate connection and cultivate community. Embrace the rhythm of island life, savoring delicious meals, exploring local culture, and immersing yourself in the vibrant energy of Panama.

Join us for an unforgettable retreat experience where you'll not only find your people but also rediscover the beauty of human connection - and leave feeling inspired, empowered, and deeply connected to yourself and those around you.
An opportunity
  • to find your tribe
  • & forge deep connections

What’s Included



Per Person USD Price
Shared Quad Occupancy Cabaña $2,279 HanumanRanchito
Shared Triple Occupancy Cabaña $2,389 Anahata
Oceanfront Double Occupancy Cabaña $2,869 Ganesha
Oceanfront Double Occupancy Suite $3,149 ApanaPrana
Oceanfront Infinity Pool Suite $3,389 Casa Om
$1000 non-refundable deposit is due at registration. The last day to register is December 15, 2024. All balances must be paid in full by January 15, 2025. Personalized monthly payment plans are available. Register early for lower payments! See the reserve link below for full payment details. Reserve Your Space


Meg Pacella

While studying to be a teacher Meg began her yoga journey in San Diego where she completed her 200 hour Core Alliance teacher training, sculpt teacher training and level 2 vinyasa certifications at Core Power Yoga. Shortly after her certification was complete, she traveled the world with her husband David. Their travels took them to 37 countries and over 100 different cities. She stayed and immersed herself in different cultures around the world. In India they stayed at an Ashram where she learned various formats of yoga and received her certification in Ayurvedic Medicine. When returning to the United States she decided to pursue the Elementary Education path and worked as a Kindergarten teacher in Chicago, Illinois. She welcomed her first child, Guthrie in 2015 which brought her family back to Colorado to be closer to family. In 2017, they welcomed their 2nd child, Etta. While in Castle Rock, CO she has taught Special Education and 1st grade at Clear Sky Elementary. She has since opened Peace Out Yoga with her business partner and friend Amanda. She completed her 500 hour at the River Yoga in Denver, Colorado. She is excited to in Panama to share this retreat experience.

Amanda Shefsick

Amanda Shefsick is a proud native of Colorado. She has spent the last 21 years living in Castle Rock raising her family with her husband Brad and two teenage children. She works as a reading specialist in Douglas County School District and has her Masters in Community Counseling. She has been practicing yoga for 24 years. Yoga has always been a practice she applies to her life as a way to find wholeness. Yoga is not just the practice on a mat, it has become a way of life for her. Amanda earned her 285 hour core alliance certification through Inner Connections Yoga Studio under the teachings of John and Jeanne Adams. She is excited to teach hatha inspired, restorative, yin and gentle yoga classes and create community workshops for both adults and children and pass on gratitude, kindness and love to bring the community together.

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