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Casa Antigua

Warmth and character surround this beachfront cabana. Located directly across from Sansara's Yoga Studio, this room was designed to inspire serenity. The zen-like atmosphere of this cabana blends seamlessly with the lush nature and quiet beauty of the property's grounds.

Inside you will find a beautifully featured wall with 100-year-old reclaimed interlocking antique wood that has been artistically placed, accompanied by handcrafted driftwood furniture, luxurious textures and a delicate color palette. This room is sure to create a warm and inviting feeling during your stay here at Sansara.

This private cabana is equipped with one king sized bed, or an optional two twin bed configuration, private patio, outfitted with luxurious bath products to soften your skin, high quality linens, air-conditioning, and a mini bar to keep your refreshments cold.

Sansara accepts family bookings with children of all ages between the months of June - September | During our retreat season from October - May, due to the intimate nature of our resort we cannot accomodate children under the age of 14
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Room amenities
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