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Women's Surf & Wellness Retreat

Sunday, October 31, 2021 - Saturday, November 6, 2021

Join your hosts; Liz Saville, Marie Hayden, Dr. Kristen Read N.D., Meriah Pettersen RCHt & Dr. Christine Hatfield M.D.
This seven day, six night surfing and wellness adventure encourages you to tap into your potential and connect to your feminine power. Spend your days surfing, exploring the black sand beaches, practicing Yoga or Pilates in the oceanfront shala, or relaxing in a hammock with a great book.
This week is for you - to rest, rejunvenate and adventure.

Join us

Retreat Offerings



Per person rate (tax included)
Standard Double Occupancy Cabana USD2400.00 per person
Deluxe Double Occupancy Cabana USD2600.00 per person
Double Occupancy Suite USD2800.00 per person
Single Occupancy Cabana USD3250.00 per person
Contact for more information - and to secure your space TODAY!


Liz Saville Retreat Coordinator

Liz is a dynamic educator and leader and passionate about creating atmospheres for diverse groups of women to connect and share in her love of adventure, travel, sport and wellness. Her
curiosity about how women choose to ‘live’ life all over the world drives her passion to learn from others as she teaches, leads and adventures. This will be the third retreat experience Liz has led at Sansara and she will be orchestrating daily adventures as well as ensuring that all your needs are met throughout the retreat process.

Marie Hayden Pilates & Yoga Instructor, Wellness Speaker

Marie, owner of Bliss Pilates, has devoted over 25 years to building into the health and wellness experiences of others. She is passionate about assisting women in finding and leading healthy
lifestyles, starting from wherever they are in their journey. Through her own health struggles, she has developed a compassionate and healthy approach to wellness alongside a wealth of knowledge about strength training, pilates and yoga. She hold a special interest in Holistic Nutrition and assisting women through their journeys with Hormone, Adrenals and Thyroid functioning.

Dr. Kristen Read N.D. Community Acupuncture

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Kristen takes a comprehensive and integrative approach to treatment by investigating all factors that contribute to health and wellbeing and enlisting current scientific research with traditional healing techniques so her patients can feel better. Using her traditional training, she will be offering post- surfing community acupuncture sessions focused on many aspects of overall health and wellness.

Meriah Pettersen, RCHt Group Wellness Hypnotherapy

Meriah is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist who has combined 20+ years of professional and spiritual experience into creating Windsong Hypnotherapy. She is passionate about supporting her clients in creating powerful & rapid change for themselves as they uncover out of date beliefs/programs and healing the root cause of their symptoms without reliving trauma. Her goal is to humanize therapy for her clients on their wellness journey.

Dr. Christine Hatfield M.D. Wellness Speaker

Dr. Christine Hatfield is a licensed and experienced gynaecologist, popular health and wellness speaker and an expert in healthy aging. Blending the principles of conventional and functional medicine, she guides her clients towards optimal health, focusing on treating the root cause and not just the symptoms of disease.

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