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Why Cambutal?

Cambutal is where the mountains meet the sea with tropical vegetation and an abundance of wildlife.

When you arrive at Cambutal you will discover the amazing range of activities available in a relatively unknown part of the world.
Cambutal is located at the southernmost point of Panama in the Azuero Peninsula in the Los Santos Province. The drive from Panama City takes from five to six hours.

Most tourists visiting Panama head to the beaches close to Panama City on the Pacific coast, or Bocas Del Toro on the Caribbean, but Cambutal is worth visiting if you prefer remote beaches and a quiet atmosphere where you can enjoy an off-the-beaten-path experience.
Cambutal is where the mountains meet the sea with tropical vegetation and an abundance of wildlife.

Spanish is the main language spoken in Cambutal, but it is not uncommon to hear English spoken in the tourist spots.

For such a small town Cambutal has an amazing list of activities, which include:
• Surfing
• Birding
• Dolphin and whale watching (May to August)
• Snorkelling
• Kayaking
• Beachcombing
• Hiking
• Fishing
• Horseback riding
• Turtle watching (between May and October)
• Biking
• Yoga

Cambutal is known
  • for its numerous surf spots

Bordered on Rainforests

A decade ago, Cambutal was virtually unknown to most travellers with no hotels, and it was only visited by hardcore surfers. Now is your chance to visit paradise before it gets too popular with the mainstream tourists.

Playa Cambutal borders on the Reserva Forestal Tonosi, and the Reserva Forestal La Tronosa, which are large, protected rainforests and jungle reserves for wild and endangered animals. These reserves will ensure that the area will remain in its natural and undeveloped state in the future.
There are no paved roads so to visit the waterfalls and secluded beaches during rainy season, a 4×4 vehicle and a guide are highly recommended.

Cambutal is located near the Cerro Hoya National Park. Although very remote, this park is one of richest and most untouched parks in Panama and is one of the last habitats for the endangered scarlet macaw.

Surfing In Cambutal
Cambutal is known for its numerous surf spots, with breaks ranging from beginner to advanced. Dry season (Summer in Panama) lasts through January through April and is the best season for wave shape as the winds blow almost continually offshore. While August through to October is the best season for wave size.

Fishing In Cambutal
Fishing boat charters (known locally as pangas) and kayak fishing are very popular, and it is possible to fish with a rod or a spear gun. The abundance of tuna fish in the ocean that surrounds the Azuero Peninsula have allowed this area to be known as “The Tuna Coast.”

The seafloor dives steeply just beyond the coastline off Cambutal which provides an underwater environment that is ideal for many larger fish, including roosterfish, wahoo, tuna, marlin, and grouper.

We can reserve a full day or half day outing piloted by experienced local captains know all the best fishing spots. The less known ‘Kayak Fishing’ is also a great way to experience the Cambutal coast.

It is possible to catch the following fish in the waters off Cambutal – Mahi-Mahi, Bigeye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Amber Jack, Rooster Fish, Snapper, Grouper and Wahoo.

Boat Trips
As well as using boat trips for fishing, boats are a great way to explore remote beaches and watch sea turtles lay their eggs on the sand or get up close to see dolphins and migrating whales.

Exploring The Land

You can experience a guided horseback or foot tour to visit waterfalls, rivers, or mountain peaks. The adjacent rainforest is home to a variety of flora and fauna including some of the best bird watching in the world.