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Getting to Sansara

Begin Your Travel Adventure

We have put together some of the best options for getting to Sansara from Panama City. You can drive to the resort, take a bus, a car service, a shuttle or an airplane.

We can’t wait to welcome you at Sansara so that you can join our joyful, loving and positive community!

Please do get in touch with us if you require additional assistance.

Journey Through

Drive to Cambutal

Rent a vehicle and drive to Cambutal if you would like to travel at your own pace. Once you have thoroughly vetted your rental, checked on the accuracy of your GPS or equipped yourself with Google Maps, you are ready to begin your journey.

* Please be aware of speed limits, as the police operate radar speed guns along the highways.

Travel by Bus

The bus will take you from Panama City to Las Tablas.

The Albrook Bus Terminal is located on the west end of Panama City, near the canal. It is in close proximity to the smaller, regional airport and is right beside the huge Albrook Shopping Mall. This is a very large and active bus terminal, as buses depart from here to just about every city in Panama. Make sure you purchase a ticket to Las Tablas. Once you arrive in Las Tablas, you will need to change over to the Tonosi bus. From Tonosi, you can take a 30 minute cab ride to Sansara.


Travel by Car Service

We recommend using the Pineapple Shuttle service if you want to be driven to Sansara. The cars are comfortable and safe, and the drivers are friendly and professional. Please email to book your service.

Pineapple Shuttle also provides airport shuttles from Panama City Tocumen International Airport. Visit for more information.


Travel by Airplane

Board a domestic flight from Albrook Airport. Flights to Chitre, located only two hours away from Sansara, are available 5 days a week – starting at just $43 each way! Visit Air Panama at for more details.


Retreat Shuttle Service

A complimentary shuttle service from Panama City to Sansara is included in many of our week-long retreat packages. Pick-up will begin at sharp 9:00 AM. Pick up is available only from our recommended hotels – Magnolia Inn, Central Hotel, American Trade Hotel and Las Clementinas. If you live in Panama, or if you are unable to stay at one of our recommended hotels, you can get on board the shuttle at American Trade Hotel. We would advise you to enjoy a good breakfast and carry water and snacks, as it will be a long travel day.