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Surfing in Cambutal

At Cambutal, you will find different breaks due to the huge coastline.

Cambutal is an exposed beach and reef break that has consistent surf and offshore winds that mainly blow from the north. Most of the surf comes from groundswells and the best swell direction is from the south but Cambutal receives swells from the north and west as well due to its geographical position. The beach and the reef both provide left and right breaks.

At Cambutal, you will find different breaks due to the huge coastline. Typically breaks are in the three to six foot range but you can also find very big waves at over fifteen feet.

Playa Cambutal is known for its numerous surf spots with excellent conditions during the dry season which runs from the months of January to April where the winds blow offshore almost continually. During this time clean surfable waves, suitable for experienced surfers, can be found about 80% of the time.

August through October is the best season for wave size but there is wave consistency all year round.

Cambutal has breaks ranging from beginner to advanced. Shortboards, longboards, funboards, and SUPs all work well here. The wave works best at medium to high tide, but good surfing can also be experienced at low tide. It very rarely gets crowded at Cambutal, unlike other surfing destinations in Panama such as Santa Catalina.

Best season
  • August through October is the best season for wave size but there is wave consistency all year round.

Surf Breaks in Cambutal

This is the list of the best surfing locations in or near Cambutal:

Cambutal Beach Break

​Cambutal Beach Break is located directly in front of the Hotel Playa Cambutal. It has a sand bottom and the surfing is considered to be the best at medium to high tides with rights and lefts but quality surfing can also be had at low tide.

Cambutal Beach Break is an excellent break for both beginners and advanced surfers.

411 – Cuatro Once (High Tide)

411 is one of the most popular breaks in Cambutal during medium to high tide. It consists of a long right hander over rock ledge bottom and is good ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers.


​Located next to 411, Dinausorios is quite a powerful break with rock bottom break with rights and lefts at medium to high tide.

The Dinausorios break is considered ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers.


​Horcones Beach Break is located further down the beach from Dinosaurios. It is a sand bottom beach break with both rights and lefts. The Horcones break is good a high, medium to low tide and is suitable for beginners and advanced surfers.

Corto Circuito

​Corto Circuito is a rock bottom point break with a very powerful peak that breaks over a rock ledge and throws a nice tube after peeling the point approximately 80 yards.

Corto Circuito is deal for intermediate to advanced surfers.

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The multiple beach and point breaks of Cambutal, and the endless supply of whitewash and rolling waves in our neighboring surf town of Guanico, provide many opportunities to help you transform into a competent, knowledgeable and empowered surfer.