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Welcome 2024

Jan 5, 2024


We are so excited to start our new year off with each and every one of you. As the new year begins and we take the time to reflect on our intentions for the year, we want to give you some food for thought with a reflective quote:

“Health does not always come from medicine. Most of the time it comes from peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of soul. It comes from laughter and love.” ~ Unknown

Where do you find your peace of mind? In yoga, dancing, meditating?

Where do you find laughter and love? In connection and community?

Join us this year with some amazing hosts to find that peace of soul!

Click HERE for our 2024 Retreats


Aerial Yoga

We just hosted our first ever aerial yoga retreat and it was life giving to see the energy brought into each class and activity. We would love to continue to offer this option here at Sansara.

Are you or anyone you know interested in hosting an aerial yoga retreat in 2024 or 2025? Reach out to to get the conversation started!


Women’s Yoga + Adventure Retreat with Outshine Adventures

March 17 – 23, 2024

Nurture yourself in nature during this 7-day yoga + adventure retreat at Sansara Resort in Panama, in the peaceful Panamanian Village of Cambutal. Located at the southernmost tip of Panama on the Pacific Ocean, Cambutal is a remote coastal paradise with pristine black-sand beaches and lush jungle making it the perfect destination for you to disconnect, relax and recharge your soul in nature.

During this Yoga + Adventure Retreat you’ll have the space to connect with the rhythms of nature and the ocean through daily yoga practices and surf lessons while immersed in lush jungle, wild ocean, and a supportive community. Adventure differently with off-resort jungle hikes and eco-tours or relax on the beach with a good book. This is your retreat, spend it the way that nourishes and replenishes your soul the best. Our escape to Panama promises adventure and relaxation and a trip full of experiences that will feed all your senses while nurturing your mind, body and soul.



Panama Jungle Tour Tide Pool Adventures

It’s that time again, when we are able to offer the 4×4 Panama Jungle Tour Tide Pool Adventures!

This adventure takes you deep into the jungle of the Azuero peninsula where we will drive you through old growth mountains, cross rivers, creeks and steep roads to get to one of our area’s most beautiful spots.

This pristine coastline is near the Cerro Hoya National Park, where you may see monkeys, exotic birds, and many other wildlife species. Once we arrive at the natural coastal tide pools, you can relax, swim or jump from the small rock shelves above the pools. We pack snacks and refreshments.

You won’t want to miss this adventure!

National Geographic Experience Collection

We are honoured to have been included in the National Geographic Experience Collection December 2023 Edition along with so many other amazing travel destinations and opportunities! Check out the full article, on page 102.


Let the light shine and guide your direction for this upcoming year. We would love to be part of that light! With love from all of us at Sansara, be well!

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