Our Philosophy

Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort is the product of a shared dream. Together, my husband Michael and I aspired to live near the ocean in a place where we could surf, practice yoga, and continually grow physically, mentally and emotionally. But to truly make our dreams a reality, we wanted to create a place where we could share our incredible experiences with others.


As a former high-school teacher, I continued my studies around the world to encompass my passion for yoga, working with educators, healers, and yoga teachers before opening a Canadian based yoga business. Through my experiences and passion, I began to realize how important it was to me to develop a business model that focused on the mind-body-earth connection and healthy living for both clients and the earth.

The yang to my ying is my husband Mike, who like me, has a deep connected passion to travel, culture, and healthy living. As a former pro skier, building contractor, photographer, and entrepreneur, Mike’s life skills and experiences coupled with his endless passion to follow his dreams, has allowed us to realize our shared vision, Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort.

In 2012, we sold it all and left Canada! As we hopped on a plane before the first snow fall, we knew that we had begun our new adventure and couldn’t wait to get started building our dream resort on the pacific coast of Panama.

We’ve been hard at work ever since building the resort of our dreams. We strongly believe people create their own experiences and Mike and I have done just that. We wanted to create a place that catered to all, and shared our passion and belief in a simpler, more organic lifestyle, where people can slow down, unplug, and escape their hectic lifestyles.

We’re here to support guests by offering a safe, relaxing, and healthy environment to create a vacation experience unlike any other. With classes, local adventures, healthy cuisine, and beautiful accommodations, we hope our passion will rub off on our guests!

As Sansara has come to fruition, it has been very important to us that we contribute to our community. We believe in giving back to and improving our community by utilizing the benefits of tourism to promote sustainable development and employment in Cambutal. We support our community by employing local residents and purchasing local products whenever possible. We are also avid supporters of the local Turtle Awareness Program and community green initiatives aimed at preserving the beautiful nearby Cerro Hoya National Park.

Janel Phillips, Co-Owner, Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort

We thank you for your interest in our slice of paradise, and can’t wait to share it with you soon!