• Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort (map)
  • Calle Principal
  • Panama

To save your space, $500 deposit is required. Following your purchase, we will contact you by phone or email in regards to your remaining balance. To signup contact info@rungalife.com

**RUNGA 2017 deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason.**

This year RUNGA will be held in the most exotic, gorgeous and pristine locations our staff as has ever visited. The search for tranquility and adventure without distraction lead us from the USA to Peru, into Ecuador and up through Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico, even made an unexpected trip in the 11th hour to the Dominican Republic just to make sure we made the right choice. In the end, we scouted nearly 30 different venues for RUNGA 2017. 

It brings us great pleasure to announce that RUNGA 2017 will be hosted in Cambutal, Panama at Sansara Resort. 

In making this decision, we allowed four main values lead us in our quest for perfection:

1. Setting: We know guests entrust RUNGA to take them to places they have never been and may never go again, somewhere "off the beaten path" that can foster the type of life-changing experience they expect from RUNGA. In 2016, our rockstar guests left the week with glowing praise of their experience, however, told us if they could change just one thing? They would have been on the beach. They wanted to hear the waves crashing and feel the sun hitting their skin throughout the week to elevate the experience that much more. 

We agreed and we made that happen in 2017.

2. Accommodations: RUNGA is not a "yoga retreat". RUNGA is an experience like nothing else on the planet where everything we do is optimized to 100% or better. Whether it's fitness, yoga, food, adventure, staffing, all the way down to the soap and shampoo, it has to be world-class. When we visited Cambutal, Panama and stayed in the hand-made, rustic, private cabanas, we found ourselves sleeping even better than we  do at home. It was there that the decision was

made; our guests comfort is not the place to compromise in 2017. Each cabana also has incredible tropical hardwood furniture and original art that has been locally sourced in Panama. 

3. Food: Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine". Well, the fact is, not everybody needs the same medicine. In 2016, we had as many dietary strategies as we did guests on the roster, so this year we upgraded the food in a major way. We negotiated to give guests the ability to order off a carefully selected, world-class menu for their three meals per day. The foods at RUNGA 2017 will be professionally prepared with only the freshest possible ingredients and can be optimized for ANY diet, from gluten-free or vegan to ketogenic or paleo.

4. People: At RUNGA, you become part of a family. We all ditch our cell phones for the week or two, we ditch our egos are shed our stress and job titles. At RUNGA, the goal is to be present amongst other like-minded people. From our recent experience in Panama at Sansara, do not be surprised if at times, you have trouble knowing who is a guest, who is resort staff, and who is a RUNGA host! We are all kindred spirits. 

This year, Joe DI, Jake and Arturo, plus Ben Greenfield, Scott Dolly,Chris Rutz, and Jules Lindsay all confirmed for December 2017. In addition, we will be announcing even MORE rockstars in the coming weeks to make this year even more amazing, unique, and experiential! 

The primary week of RUNGA 2017 is Sunday to Saturday, December 10-16.

However, We booked two weeks of RUNGA for 2017, as a transitional year, given we reduced the guest list by 50%, down to 25 spots this year. We made the hard decision that RUNGA needs to become a slightly higher investment, and slightly more intimate in order for everybody to have time with our hosts, and experience the truly life-changing potential we know RUNGA can provide.

In total, we have 8 spots in amazing 4-person cabanas, 6 spots in really cool 3-person cabanas, and 12 spots in a variety of 2-person cabanas, which can be a room shares or a king beds. Some have balconies, porches, a handful have their own rooftop! 


  • 6 nights at Sansara Resort.
  • 3 freshly prepared, fully customized meals per day. 
  • All the on-site offerings of RUNGA 2017 including expert interactions, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, hiking, yoga, kettlebell training and workshops, running clinics, hands-on biohacking and nutritional presentations and much, much more! 
  • Luxury van transport from Panama City to Cambutal (The vans will be on a set schedule*, they are very comfortable and have wifi.) 
  • Some really cool products from RUNGA's 2017 partners! 


  • Airfare to Panama City
  • Meals while in Panama City
  • Additional spa treatments, excursions, surf lessons and/or rentals
  • Alcohol
  • Snacks/Smoothies/Juices
  • Travel insurance (recommended)
  • Gratuities


  • Quad Cabana: $2,290 per person.
  • Triple Cabana: $2,390 per person. 
  • Double Cabana: $2,650 per person. 
  • Luxury Suite: $2,990 per person 

*Our luxury van rides to Cambutal will be on set schedules. As an example, we will have a luxury van leave Panama City in the mid-late morning on December 10th. For this reason, guests are encouraged to consider arriving the 9th and staying one night in Panama City to break up their travel time and decrease stress on their first day of RUNGA. (We are working on group rates and discounts on Panama City hotels which will be announced to registrants ASAP!)

Secondly, please note that Sansara Resort, like RUNGA, is not a "cookie-cutter"-style vacation destination or attraction. We aren't traveling to Panama to be 15 minutes from the airport for the week. You are coming to RUNGA to be off-the-grid in a remarkably beautiful place that few will ever get the chance to visit. We urge guests to not see this van ride as a negative, but as the investment paid in order to experience the beauty of Cambutal, and the fertile ground it lays for a transformational week at RUNGA.