F O R A & F L O W
A Yoga-Centering, Holistic Women’s Leadership Retreat
with Savonn Wyland & Kerri Hoyt-Pack

F L O W :
In yoga, we achieve this flow through asanas, or postures, which stimulates energy pathways within the body and creates blissful change.

F O R A :

Plural of forum, a place of assembly for the people.

Sansara_Resort_Cambutal-12 2.JPG

Join us next year where the mountains meet the sea, at Sansara Resort, located in Central America in Cambutal, the Southernmost part of Panama. We will gather to collectively recognize, practice and cultivate an evolved blend of leadership behaviors and attributes critical to transform our modern workforce. 

Designed to nurture and strengthen women leaders and hone an unapologetic feminine force, this is an opportunity to be inspired, engaged and charged for positive, collaborative action at a time that our world, our communities and our work culture need it most. This unique week of development is designed to integrate whole body experiences and learning; including tailored yoga, breathing and mindfulness sessions. 

From the moment that you decide to join this one-of-a-kind trip, to the day you depart and throughout your journey with us, your experience will be carefully planned and personalized. We welcome all levels of yoga and leadership experience, across a variety of organizations – both public and private. 

Retreat Highlights

  • Premium, personalized experience designed for a small group of <25 individuals

  • Attendees drawn from a global network of women working together for a more inclusive and collaborative community

  • Retreat grounded in a fresh and focused approach to leadership development and practice. Centered on daily experiential modules designed for attendees to better recognize, collectively celebrate and build practice around evolved leadership attributes.

  • Highly curated individual and group sessions, incorporating a strong blend of inspiration and information, and whole body learning

  • Daily+ yoga practice designed to illuminate and reinforce transformative thought and behavior

  • Flexibility in schedules for independent activities, including an ocean-front salt water pool, patio down time, complimentary use of SUP boards and kayaks, snorkel gear, bikes, beach bonfires. And option to book massages in an open-air spa sanctuary or arrange for private surf lessons.

  • More options to explore the area by foot or bike, including stunning waterfalls, fishing (tuna, mahi mahi) and photography.

  • Luxury accommodations, with hypoallergenic bedding and towels and organic spa products

  • Price includes three beautiful, healthy meals per day, featuring local produce, fresh seafood and fruit, local fair trade coffee, tea and filter-water available

  • Transportation to and from Sansara

best outdoor yoga retreat’s in the world; featured by  Architectural Digest

best outdoor yoga retreat’s in the world; featured by Architectural Digest

R E A D Y to C O M M I T?

  • Casa Om - double suite - $3550

  • Apana / Prana - double suite - $3250

  • Ganesha - premium double - $2900

  • Garden double - $2650

  • Triple occupancy - $2225

  • Quadruple occupancy - $2050

    all prices are per person and inclusive of taxes


M E E T your L E A D E R S

Savonn Wyland | nurturing co-founder of Align Integrated Wellness, with over 20 years of yoga leadership and elevated skill in directing the transformational energy from group connection and supporting personal and individual body-led inquiry and expression. 

bw head shot.jpeg

Kerri Hoyt-Pack | pioneering founder of The Liberty Collective, a global organization dedicated to growing great women leaders and evolving workplace culture. Seasoned human-centered business leader and world-class brand builder.

To receive more information about this special experience please email: info@thelibertycollective.com and/or savonn@alignyogacenters.com