Sansara's Stories 

Surf Sansara

“You can't stop the waves of life, but we teach you how to catch them and ride them” – Nic Jacobson, Surf Director of Surf Sansara.

We are committed to creating an experience that is not only fun, but also educational and empowering. 

Our objective is not only to have you stand up (although you most likely will), our objective is that each individual who completes the Surf Sansara program walks away with a more empowered approach to surfing and the tools necessary for what it takes to ride waves for a lifetime.


Host Your Next
Yoga Teacher Training 

Sansara is the dream space to host your next Yoga Teacher Training. BIG POWER YOGA hosted their 28 day Yoga Teacher Empowerment Program at Sansara and had the most amazing experience. This video highlights the first few days and the students arrival. This group was filled with love, excitement and enthusiasm!


Host Your Next Retreat at Sansara 

With world class waves, pristine black sand beaches, divine local food and good vibes all round, Sansara is the dream space to host your next retreat. 


What is yoga to you?

What is yoga to you? With so many inspirational, knowledgeable and dedicated yoga teachers coming to Sansara every week we were interested to find out what yoga truly means to them.