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Glory Excursions: Panama

Saturday September 17 - Saturday September 24, 2022

Grace & Glory Yoga team leaders, BB Kozek & Kayleigh Friend, present Glory Excursions. Growing up on the sandy shoreline of New Jersey, salt water runs through BB and Kayleigh's veins. These two gentle souls light up wherever they can cultivate unique experiences for their community to be their fully expressed selves. Glory Excursions is an invitation to experience more space for grace - this time in Panama.

We challenge you to travel off the beaten path!
Journey with us
  • For a week of
  • laughter and inspiration

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Travel Information

You’ve booked your trip! What’s next?
Covid-19 has transformed the world of travel, find out more information here on the latest requirements necessary for entry into Panama.


$1000 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit required to book your space (included in total pricing).
Final balances due 60 days prior to departure (July 19, 2022).


BB Kozek Grace & Glory Co-Owner

Grace & Glory co-owner BB Kozek was born in South Jersey and raised near the beach. Yoga has been a practice for BB for half of her life and naturally, she expanded upon this passion and became a teacher in 2015. Her second passion is music. As a teen, BB was the lead singer of a rock band with her now husband, Jeff. Practicing with BB is always fun, soulful, sweaty and typically powered by a killer playlist.

BB believes that travelling to places for no other reason than to do something good for your own soul is a health secret. Glory Excursions is a life goal realized. To create trips for people to connect with themselves and the world around them by being inspired by her own experiences is BB's mission with every trip. She believes that when you travel outside of your comfort zone, it expands your awareness of what's out there and enriches your entire life.

Outside of yoga, BB is a proud dog mom to Penny. Her go-to coffee order is a cortado with almond milk.

Kayleigh Friend Director Offsite Events & Yoga Instructor

Kayleigh Friend is the Director of Offsite Events & a Power Yoga Instructor for Grace & Glory Yoga.

This South Jersey native has lived in the valley of Pennsylvania, Rocky Mountain west, and coastline of New England, before the sandy shore of New Jersey called her home. As a dancer, movement has always been part of Kayleigh's life. She became a Power Yoga instructor in 2017 and has had the privilege to collaborate with and lead programs all over the United States.

Immersive travel in an essential value to Kayleigh. Everywhere she visits, Kayleigh looks for unique history, food, beverages, and experiences but it's the people that she meets and travels with that truly make the impact for her. She believes that traveling makes the world feel smaller and more connected, in the most wonderful way.

You can typically find Kayleigh with an Americano in hand, her go-to coffee order. No sugar, no milk - just the pure beverage, please. Kayleigh is the proud cat-mom of a very vocal beauty, Darla.

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