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Á la Lune in the Jungle with Monique Pantel & Rachelle Taylor

Sunday, February 27 - Saturday, March 5, 2022

Dive deep to nurture your expansion with daily practices that restore body, mind, and creative spirit. Set on the shores of Panama, where the mountains and jungle meet the sea. Let the sand, saltwater and sunshine soothe your weary spirit. Fall asleep to the sound of the waves, wake up to morning meditations, and enjoy fresh, organic meals in between.

It's time to begin again. To emerge from your cocoon with clarity, consciousness, and connection to something greater than yourself. This is space to clear what feels stagnant, release what feels stuck, and then listen deeply to your inner knowing. Take daily yoga classes and restorative pauses in an open-air yoga shala nestled on the waters’ edge.

Attune to the rhythms of nature. Connect with other like-minded souls, plant seeds of intention and express your creative self under a potent new moon. Explore invitations to reconnect and ignite your creativity with optional journaling, photography and creative play workshops. Expand into possibility. Integrate awareness by discovering and nurturing your innate gifts, and releasing what isn’t true for you to become the artist of your own life. Beachwalk on black sand, learn to surf sweet swells, and splash in natural tide-pools. The adventure of a lifetime awaits.

Give yourself permission to invest in you.
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Retreat Offerings



Per person USD rate (tax included)
Quad Occupancy Shared Cabana (Hanuman, Ranchito) USD1650.00 For the solo traveller or friends wanting to share.
Triple Occupancy Shared Cabana (Anahata) USD1895.00 For the solo traveller or friends wanting to share.
Garden Double Occupancy Cabana (Rio Chico, Rio Grande, Casa Antigua) USD2195.00 Equipped with one king or two twins.
Oceanview Double Occupancy Cabana (La Marea, Ganesha) USD2295.00 Equipped with one king or two twins.
Luxury Double Occupancy Suite (Prana, Apana) USD2395.00 Equipped with one king or two twins.
Casa Om Luxury Infinity Pool Suite USD2595.00 King Cabana. *2 people required for booking.
Solo Private Cabana (pending availability) USD2999.00 Enjoy a private king cabana. Choice of La Marea, Rio Chico or Rio Grande.
Contact for more information - and to secure your space TODAY!
USD500.00 deposit required to reserve your space payable with Visa / Mastercard.
Final balances will be processed 30 days prior to your retreat start date on your card on file.


Monique Pantel Retreat Guide

Monique Pantel is a lover of stories, human connection and their power to transform. An international photographer and host of creative workshops, Monique lives her life like one beautiful moving prayer. She's also a belly laugher, a world traveller, and a climber of big ass mountains. She's a lululemon ambassador, too. Ages ago, she founded Prairie Love Festival with her dear friend Rachelle Taylor.
You can follow Monique's adventures on Instagram @monique_pantel or her website.

Rachelle Taylor Retreat Guide

Rachelle Taylor is a dreamer, storyteller, and adventurous spirit Rachelle has held space for aha moments, shifts of all sizes, and awesome awakening for thousands of curious humans over the last decade as a wellness entrepreneur, university educator, and movement & meditation guide at wellness studios, festivals, and retreats across Canada. and believes life should be lived like one grand adventure.
Connect with Rachelle's insight on Instagram @Rachelle__Taylor

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