Maps & Directions

Welcome to Panama- Let your travel adventure mark the beginning of a wonderful journey! Below we've put together some options for getting to Sansara Resort. Please get in touch if you require additional assistance.


Driving Directions

With your rental vehicle thoroughly vetted and ready to go, an optional GPS in stow, or Google Maps ready, you will begin by exiting Panama City via the Bridge of Americas- Puente de las Américas.

The highway is called Pan-American Highway. You will continue on this highway for approximately 3hrs towards the town of Divisa.

Prior to arriving to Divisa there are billboards advertising the town of Pedasi, this is direction you want to head, and this is also where you turn off from the Pan-American-Highway. The turnoff is on the right, leading you to a small overpass above the highway, you are now on route to Chitre and then to Las Tablas.

Entering Las Tablas: You will continue straight down the main-road, until you hit a 2 way stop. The town’s square will be on your right, and a Lime Green Building called Electronic Café, in front of you. You will continue you to go straight, with a slight veer to the left, until you approach a fork in the road. There will be a Clinica Dental in front of you, and a small blue sign on your left, with an arrow directing you to turn left to Tonosi. Take this left. You will then take your first right, a big yellow/red/black SUR sign will be in front/above of you.

You are now on the road to Valle Rico, this beautifully paved mountain road is approximately a 1.15hr drive, as you descend the mountain to the valley bottom you will approach a fork in the road. Turn Left. Continue straight for another 4 minutes, you will hit a dead end. Turn Right. 5 minutes later, you will arrive to Tonosi.

Entering Tonosi, there is a gas station to your right; this is the last stop to refuel before Cambutal. Straight ahead from the gas station and on your left is a ATM located at The Banco Nacional, this is the last place to get cash.

With the Banco National on your left, and the town’s square on your right, you will turn right and continue on that road, it will veer slightly to the left and you will continue that way. A big blue sign on your left with a few beach towns are listed CAMBUTAL is on that sign.

It is a 20-minute drive from Tonosi to Cambutal. You will pass signs for Bucaro & Guanico as you drive.

Entering Cambutal you will drive through the quiet community, and continue towards the beach access road, driving along the coast where you will soon approach Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort; our friendly team will be eagerly anticipating your arrival.

* Please be aware of the speed limits, as there are many police with radar along the highway roads.

Click here to view directions on Google Maps.


By Bus

Panama City to Las Tablas.

The Albrook Bus Terminal is on the west side of Panama City near the canal, near the smaller, regional airport, and it is right next to the huge Albrook Shopping Mall. This is a very large and active bus terminal. Buses to just about everywhere depart from this terminal. You will want to buy a ticket to Las Tablas.

Once you arrive in Las Tablas – You will have to change buses, ask for the Tonosi bus. From Tonosi, you can take a 30 minute cab ride to Sansara.

By Car Service

Pineapple Shuttle
Relax, and let Pineapple Shuttle take you down to Sansara! Whether you are traveling with alone or with a group, the friendly drivers ensure a comfortable and luxurious ride. Please contact to book your service. 

Pineapple Shuttle also provides airport shuttles from Panama City Tocumen International Airport. Please visit: for more information. 

By Airplane

Albrook Airport
Flights to Chitre, which is located 2 hrs away from Sansara, are available twice daily. Visit Air Panama for more details:‏

Pack light: the charter flight has a baggage limitation of 14 kilos per passenger.