Cambutal, Panama

Located at the southernmost point of Panama in the Azuero Peninsula, Cambutal is a small village in the province of Los Santos, about 5 hours away from the country's capital, Panama City.


Where the mountains meet the sea, this quiet and nearly untouched area of Panama provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing vacation experience.

Friends have described Cambutal embodying characteristics of a modern day Jurassic Park, boasting beautiful and dramatic tidal changes, stunning mountainsides, an abundance of tropical vegetation, and endless wild birds and monkeys swinging through the treetops. Cambutal is an ideal place to escape and unwind.

A day can easily be filled exploring the miles of picture-perfect pacific coastline, surfing the warm waters, or lounging in a hammock under the trees. The beautiful community of Cambutal awaits you; and we invite you to come flow with us at Sansara.