2017 needs to be all about self-love. With everything that went down in 2016, it is high time that this world begins to ooze with love, fulfilment, and peace.

In order to give unconditional love to the people around us and establish peace within our own world, we must first love and cherish ourselves.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection.
~ Buddha

And what better way to establish yummy, gooey, divine self-love than signing up for a yoga or wellness retreat!?

Regular holidays are usually quite indulgent (in the wrong kind of way); booze, late nights, over-eating and no exercise can send you home more exhausted than when you left. Yoga retreats or wellness vacations are the new way to say ‘I love you’ to your body, mind and soul and to get that reboot that you truly need.

Picture a week of healthy eating, massages, reading books, yoga every day, and inspiring people all in a new, exciting, tropical destination. 

Every week at Sansara we witness how individuals transform in our yoga retreats. We see breakthroughs, accomplishments and fears overcome. 

To break it down for you we have compiled a list of the top 7 reasons to go on a yoga retreat this year! 

1.    You have the chance to meet like-minded, incredible people.
Every person you meet on a yoga retreat is likely to be there for similar reasons to yourself. They want time to heal, to find peace, to rejuvenate and re-connect. You have the opportunity to form life-long friendships and connect with like-minded people who will help you grow and blossom. 

2.    Improve your emotional, physical and spiritual health.
A week dedicated to deep-connection, thoughtful conversation, mindful meditation and an intense yoga practice means you are destined to improve your overall wellbeing. Release old emotional baggage, improve strength and flexibility, develop a stronger sense of self and open your mind to new levels of peace. Yoga retreats are the perfect way to detox mind, body and soul. 

3.    Travel to somewhere new.
Yoga and wellness retreats are often held in exotic locations and are located in a place you wouldn't normally travel to. Retreats are usually found far away from bustling tourist hot spots, therefore giving you a more genuine, authentic travel experience. Arriving somewhere new and exciting is half the fun of a retreat. Explore a new place, meet the locals, learn the customs and expand your mind.   

4.    Improve your yoga practice.
Doing yoga every single day (sometimes twice a day) will take your practice to a whole new level. You can expect to build some serious flexibility and strength during your retreat. Being on a retreat also means you get more 'one on one' time with your teacher and therefore receive extra cues, tips and adjustments on how to improve your practice.  

5.    Healthy, delicious food.
Is there anything better than having 3 healthy, nutritious and delicious meals made for you every day? I think not. One of the biggest perks of a retreat is the divine food on offer each day. Leave the worry of 'how to eat healthy' at home and let the retreat chef do all the work for you. 

6. Try something new. 
From horseback riding to surfing, and scuba diving to journaling, yoga retreats always offer something more than simply yoga. Joining a retreat means you are sure to experience something new and exciting. Allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone and try something different. New experiences are a brilliant way to expand your mind. 

7. You are 100%, undeniably, undoubtably worth it. 
All to often it seems we give, and give, and give some more. It then becomes absolutely necessary that once in a while we simply receive. Wether you are a full time mum, an employee, a boss, a student, an artist, a lover or a light worker you must take time top up your own pot in order to continue to give to others. Know that who ever you are, you are worth it. You deserve it. You earned it.   

So, there you have it. 7 reasons to book a yoga retreat in 2017! 

Our chef is prepping, the yoga shala is waiting, new experiences are calling, now...are you ready?

Sansara Squad x